Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Terese Elhard Story

Terese Elhard has a story to tell about her inspiration.   She agreed to share it with you:

"As a life-long science enthusiast and learner, my childhood experiences at the Headwaters Science Center have been invaluable. There is no greater reward than being encouraged to explore and play.
What I have learned there continues to enrich my life, as I now create science exhibits for the Science Museum of Minnesota in St. Paul.

My memories of HSC expand wall to wall; playing with the exhibits and mastering the Magic Eye activity, eating packages of freeze-dried astronaut ice cream, petting Monty the snake—oh the sensation of reptile skin!, making my first painting—of the buffalo head in the classroom upstairs, and being horrified on Halloween in the basement spook-house.

Thank you to Jim and Laddie Elwell for their remarkable devotion to bringing science learning to Bemidji! The Elwell's are ever inspiring for me as I, in turn, make a commitment to bringing excitement and wonder to a curious audience. The world truly is a better place when we build a community of sharing knowledge!"

Terese Elhard

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