Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pasque Flower - True Harbinger of Spring

At last, the Pasque Flowers are blooming in the Bemidji area. These are the true harbingers of spring - the very first of all the wild flowers often arising in the vicinity of snow banks. To me they are a promise of renewal, shaking off the last vestiges of winter and portending greater things to come.

Soon there will be hepatica, blood root and Indian paintbrush. It always happens that way. It ends with the gentians in October that fight old man winter to the bitter end. After that they all lay in wait, cheering on the pasque flowers to start it all over again!
John Mathisen, HSC

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Message from Susan Joy - Director Headwaters Science Center


  by Susan Joy

Choice. Every day we make choices: what to eat for breakfast, where to shop for the best price on a special item, what to make for dinner, when to take vacation, how to handle an unexpected expense, and so on.
Right now you might be thinking about a choice related to Headwaters Science Center: which summer camp would be the best fit for your child, what birthday party option is appropriate, when to renew your HSC membership, or how to show off  HSC to your family visiting from out of town.

Some choices are made for us. Other choices require careful thought and planning. One easy choice––renewing your HSC membership! As a member, whether at the family, grandparent, or individual level, you
receive a 10% discount on all Science Store purchases, a 10% discount on most summer camp programs, and a discount on birthday parties.

Don’t forget about the Association of Science and Technology Centers (ASTC) Passport Program! Did you know that your HSC membership card is a passport to over 340 other science centers worldwide? In this issue of the Headwaters Current, you will find more information about all the great choices HSC offers,  including amazing birthday party options, unique gift items in the Science Store, engaging summer camp selections, our summer picnic––“Playful Elements,” and the ultimate member benefit––our 7,500 square ft. exhibit floor. HSC has many options for every member of your family; it might be difficult to choose which to do first!

HSC offers a variety of programs, exhibits, and features that provide the spark of imagination and long-term engagement in science. One of our goals is to increase the options for you to choose from, such as a Saturday natural history themed workshop, or a Science After Dark event featuring a local business, or maybe a members’ only event chosen by you––our members!

Stay tuned. We have many opportunities to choose from, and thank you for choosing to be a member of HSC.

Note: click for more information about HSC memberships