Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Flowing With the Current

Updates by Laddie Elwell

A New Vision for Northern Minnesota: The Headwaters Source Center

In September, the HSC Board established a “New Visions Facility Committee” co-chaired by John Hawthorne and Roger Davis to investigate the possibility of HSC working with other local governmental and nonprofit entities to develop a plan that would result in a science and technology, arts, and cultural heritage center that would serve northern Minnesota's populations and schools.

Proposed partners include Beltrami County History Museum, Native American communities, BSU and Bemidji Tech, Bemidji Arts Council, the City of Bemidji along with its Area Chamber of Commerce, Bemidji City Council, and other nonprofit and service organizations with shared interests based on regional needs and interests. A committee composed of representatives of the major partners is in the process of being established.

Part of the project will include technology and fresh water biological research facilities. The whole project will have both “hands-on” and “on-line” components that can be integrated into classrooms throughout northern Minnesota and well beyond. The ideal site for the New Visions facilities is the area along the Mississippi River between Lakes Irving and Bemidji surrounding the site allocated to HSC by the Bemidji City Council, including the Beltrami County History Museum.

It will be a regional center for science, arts, and cultural heritage and has the potential to be:

• An outstanding source for learning about and conducting activities related to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)

• A source of technological innovation

• An exciting tourist destination

• A source of job opportunities

• A place for regional crafts-persons to show and sell their wares

At the January 19th HSC Board meeting, the following resolution was passed:

Headwaters Science Center – Resolution 2011-01

Approval of Co-Sponsorship of the Joint New Vision Committee

Whereas it is the responsibility of the Board of the Headwaters Science Center (HSC) to approve the formal involvement and membership of the Science Center in other organizations.

Whereas the Board of the Headwaters Science Center previously established in 2010 the "New Vision Committee" to pursue the creation of a new Science Center in partnership with other civic minded non-profit organizations such as the History Center, the Arts Center and the like.

Whereas it has become apparent that a separate independent organization should be created with representation of all collaborating partners with this objective in mind.

Now therefore be it resolved to approve and sanction the participation of the Headwaters Science Center, as represented by the New Vision Committee, to organize, participate in and otherwise further the establishment of a Joint New Vision Committee whose objective is to build and operate a center for interactive learning and research, emphasizing and integrating science, technology, the arts, culture and history, particularly emphasizing the diverse cultures and natural resources in our area.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

e3 (e-cubed) is Coming Sat. Feb 26, 2011!

e3 (e-cubed) is an upscale dining experience at Headwaters Science Center featuring the art and science of food. Magnificent food buffets, live music, and HSC's own incomparable science entertainment will fill all three floors of the Center, with another dessert spectacle to cap off the evening. This is a major fund raiser for the year. Click here for all the information.